Alternative Care Service

The Alternative Care service consists of establishing and maintaining a network of alternative caregivers within Opaskwayak and The Pas area. When a child needs an alternative caregiver as a result of problems or challenges that are taking place within the child’s family, the Alternative Care service identifies an alternative placement for the child. Alternative placements may include customary care homes, and foster homes.

The Alternative Care service provides the following to the alternative caregivers:

  • Recruitment and Assessment
  • Pre-service and in-service training
  • Placement
  • Support
  • Financial assistance

Become and Alternative Care Provider!  When a child has been placed in the care of OCNCFS, families in Opaskwayak provide temporary homes for the child until they return to their family, or a permanent plan is made. Children are of varying needs and ages. OCNCFS provides ongoing support services for alternative care families.