Customary Care

Customary Care is a new concept to Child and Family Services in Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Manitoba and requires that the child’s First Nation community is involved in placement within OCNCFS.

Customary Care refers to the traditional practice of raising a child within the First Nation, where all members of the family, extended family, relatives and community are involved. Traditional Customary Care practices are influenced and determined by the culture and community in which the child is raised, and does not require agency involvement as the child is not in need of protection (based on criteria outlined under the Child and Family Services Act.)

Benefits of Customary Care Service

Customary Care Service allow children to remain in their home communities with a relative, family friend or community member. This allows the children to continue to strengthen their ties to family, friends, culture and traditions.

Children have a right to maintain connections to their culture and community and traditional ways of life.

Child Welfare Services work to promote family strengths to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of children are upheld and protected. With a focus on prevention, early intervention and protection in partnership with individuals, families and communities, children are cared for with respect of their cultural background and overall quality of life.

OCNCFS is mandated under the Provincial Child and Family Services Act.