Quality Assurance

Intake/Child Abuse Department

The Intake department is the first initial contact with OCNCFS and is responsible for receiving referrals. The Intake Worker along with the Intake Unit Supervisor determines whether the matter is a child protection or child prevention issue. If it is neither, it is then referred to other collateral resources. An assessment is made and then submitted to either the Child Protection Unit Supervisor or Family Enhancement Unit Supervisor for distribution for follow-up.

Child Protection Unit

Social/Child & Family Services Workers will investigate all child protection matters and ensuring effective case work through: Case Planning; Case Management; Placement; Court Work; and Community Development.

Legal Unit

The Legal Unit is responsible for the preparation of all legal documentation related to services provided to children and families. The Legal Unit, under the direction of the Protection Unit Supervisor, determines whether outside legal advice is required with respect to issues that arise such as labor relations, civil liability and Agency governance.

Family Enhancement Department (Child Prevention Unit)

The Family Enhancement unit takes a proactive approach and provides support to enhance the skills and abilities of families, and assist them in providing safe, stable and nurturing environments for the parenting of their children. The Family Enhancement unit will provide support through education, counselling, advocacy and referral in order to preserve and strengthen families within their respective community and home environment.

Alternative Care Unit (Resource and Adoption)

The Resource Unit is responsible for the implementation and monitoring all aspects of the Adoption and Resource Programs. The Resource Unit will be a valued member in the placement, development and care of the children in coordination with the Intake, Protection and Prevention programs. Support/Respite Workers provide supervision and support directly to children in care. In times of crisis or unforeseen circumstances a support/respite worker can be hired on a short term basis.

Adoption is a legal and social process by which a child permanently joins a family. OCNCFS is primarily involved in permanent ward adoptions of children who are unable to return to their birth family. There is legal provision for openness and an ongoing relationship between the adoptive family and the birth family. OCNCFS also provides home assessments to the court for other types of adoptions.

Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration department of Opaskwayak Cree Nation Child & Family Services deals with all financial aspects of the Agency including preparing annual budgets, monthly financial statement preparation, and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for the day to day operations of the Human Resources department. Key areas of responsibility include: recruiting, health and safety, training and development, policy and procedures, benefits/pension plan administration, and maintaining accurate, up-to-date filing systems and personnel records.

Quality Assurance Department

The Quality Assurance Unit will ensure that OCNCFS is in accordance with the practices and procedures, legislation, and standards of the Child and Family Services Act. By developing an appropriate Quality Assurance Framework our goal is to unify the agency of OCNCFS as a team and strengthen services for our children and families.

Winnipeg Sub-Office

The Winnipeg sub-office provides additional support for our children that are placed in the Winnipeg/Southern region for various reasons, such as treatment centers, medical needs, and specialized/group home placements. The Winnipeg Office is complemented with a Unit Supervisor, Receptionist, Office Assistant, Resource Worker, Prevention and three Social/Child and Family Services Workers. The Office is situated at 696 Portage Avenue.